Im so exited! New shoes from ASOS.

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I don’t even know why I’m laughing so hard


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Swan ronson

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Name: Jam Ducre
Birthday: 25th january
Favorite color: ummm lilac me thinks
Lucky number: 2, i feel like its 2
Height: 5’8!!
Talents: drawing i spose but im not that good at that either

Last dream you remember: umm something depressingly mundane like going to work then falling over and dying

Can you juggle: no. definatly not

Art/sports/both: art. lol culd u even imagine me doing sports??? pfft!

Do you like writing: aahh idk. me and words have a love hate relationship. thats why i draw and paint

Do you like dancing: yes and i dance like a really lame 80yr old man

Do you like singing: I actually cant sing lol

Fantasies: like really violent things, like stabbing bitches and burning houses down

Dream vacation: somewhere hot. like at a beach or sutin

Dream wedding: idk i kinda want a pagan wedding. and i wanna be married under a big willow tree or something but outdoor weddings always have crap weather so i just dont wanna deal with that

Dream pet: idk people usually answer this with like, two headed ice breathing dragon, cerberus, a goat lion serpent chimera. i like the pets i have, itd be cool to have like an intelligent, english speaking house cat tho..?

Dream job: no job with lots of money, i need a sugar daddy

Favorite song: Spiritus Sanctus - Magna Canta

Last song you heard on the radio: uumm.. i cant remember the radio but i just listened to belispeak by purity ring if that counts

Least favorite song: i dont have one really but i dont like the song royals by lorde and its been playing sooo much around me lately so its that atm!

Least favourite album and artist: idk kanye west and everything he touches!


Guys/girls/both: guys but not strictly…?

Humorous/serious: humorous. u need to make me laugh and if ur too serious u will get sick of my shit hella fast

Taller/shorter: Taller i think

Biggest turn-off: being really closed minded. those chino pants, idk

Biggest turn-on: dealing with me and my shit lol. kindness to animals. i really like (in a guy in particular) when theyre not afraid to be feminine and theyre not all macho nd “hard”

aaaand idk i tag u doopeyslunt